Get A Custom Site: Gift Certificates Get A Custom Site: Gift Certificates

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Welcome! Congratulations on getting the gift certificate!

This site will help you redeem the certificate and make your own website in minutes.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click GET STARTED and fill in the form and hit submit.
  2. Check your email inbox. There will be an email from us with a link to activate your account.
  3. After you activate your account you can change the content based on your need.
  4. You have a site is live now! Please keep the email that you get when you activate your account. This email contains instructions and links to the tools that will enable you to edit the content of your site as well as change the design layout of your site.

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If you have friend or a loved one that recently started a business, starting a new career or had a new baby, here is gift idea!

image Small business owners and professionals can make use our tool to create a professional looking website in less than 5 minutes. Having a website is very important to have an internet presence for small business owners and professionals.

image Having a baby is a such a life changing experience! Now think about using a website as a scrapbook for the newborn and the proud family. We support unlimited number of blog posts and photos. The website can be password protected for privacy and can be shared only by family members.