Buy a Gift Certificate

How would you feel if someone gifted you a revenue stream?

Great, of course, right?

Now you have an opportunity to give someone that dream gift. A gift so valuable that the recipient would consider it as one of the best gifts they have ever received in their life time.

Yes, now you can gift someone a website.

Is your spouse starting a new business? Does you friend just have a baby? Does your nephew graduate from high school and want to stay connected with his school friends? Have you been thinking of how to show appreciation to the owners of the day care where your child goes to everyday?

All these are perfect occasions to gift a website.

Imagine for a moment that you lost all your email accounts. That is, say you do not have access to email at all (don't faint, this is just imagining). Just imagine how much handicapped you could feel yourself to be in that state. A business with no website is in that state. If you know such a business, you can be their savior by gifting them an elegant, professional-looking website at a very affordable price.

Our tools allow our customers to upload pictures and video to their websites. Also, all our websites come with blog. These are the two features that make our websites attractive for families to set up baby websites. A website to record and share the growth of a precious life would undoubtedly be a perfect gift for a family with young children.

A website makes staying connected with friends, family and customers easy and effective. Our website allows integration with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. So if you know someone who is keen to stay connected a website would be a perfect gift for them.

A business or individual would cherish forever the website you gift them. It is easy. It is affordable. It impresses. Buy a gift certificate now and gift it to someone in your life or business. They will cherish it forever.

Here are a few reasons why businesses and individuals choose us for their website needs:

  • Easy to set up. 3 simple steps - that is all it takes to set up your website.
  • No computer knowledge required to set up a website.
  • Great selection of website designs. Any one will be able to find a design that reflects their taste and business philosophy.
  • No setup charges. In fact, no one-time charges of any kind.
  • Very low monthly fee. Your gift value will last long.
  • Submission to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Blog included. Great feature to enhance the visibility of websites.
  • Simple tool to edit the content of websites. Customers can edit the content any time and as often as they want.
  • First 30 days FREE.
  • Customizable. If customers want the design to be customized to certain requirements (such as placing their logo or changing the color scheme or whatever) we can do that for them.

Gift Certificate Packages

3 months - $47.

6 months - $87.

1 year - $177.

2 years - $347.

3 years - $497.